Greed Drives London Escort Agencies who claim to be Number 1


Clients are being duped, conned even manipulated by many of the self proclaimed "Top London Escort Agencies" who allege to be top dog and number 1 in their field. It is very easy to make unsubstantiated claims, provide portfolio's of glamorous girls, and even more worrying, utilise images of exotic women, who feign to be something they are not. This all adds fuel to the fire of enveloping this industry in a cloak of sleaze and mistrust, culminating in driving long standing and trusted prestigious clients away from our service industry. Hijacked by greed mongers who are in this long standing and honourable service industry short term to attract high yield returns and run, disband or recreate themselves under a new mantle. Beware websites portraying the same girls, with different names, they are not difficult to spot, sift out or associate.

There are countless methods of sucking in unsuspecting genuine customers looking for that ultimate experience with a beautiful and glamorous London escort. Not all that is advertised on some of the more salubrious Web sites is to be believed, and more specifically to the point, what you see is most definitely not what you get. Air brushed images can hide a hell of a lot of flaws. More relevantly, do these Amazonian beauties actually exist and or provide services to these so called escorts in London specialist agencies? Or as previously depicted, is the scam on? We can provide a stunning London escort for £99, like hell you can! By the time all associated costs have been taken into consideration, the welfare of the girls and most importantly the girl's security, you run at a loss. Alternatively you do not provide the selected London escort, in some cases any old thing will do. Not what the customer has asked for or indeed paid for. No wonder this industry is constantly under the cosh. If the £99 escort is available then what sort of a life do they have? Not a very good one I would hasten to add.

However, amongst the plethora of falsehood there is a bright ray of shining light, a genuine Number 1 in its field, top class, London escorts agency, which can deliver the portrayed and promised goods, without the aide of glitzy all singing all dancing Websites. All our girl's are 100% genuine, and most importantly what you see is what you get and not like some of the less caring competitors who gift wrap an inferior offering. Why settle for second best when you can indulge the best London has to offer without compromise. After all, you wouldn't expect to drive away a Reliant Robin from a BMW main agent would you? Especially when you are expected to pay top price for a luxurious comfortable and guaranteed smooth ride.