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How to Make Grey Disappear Naturally21 Nov 2016

Grey hair is probably one of the things women fear the most as old age is approaching.

Male Stress-Busters - Ways to beat stress03 Jun 2016

The movie ‘Horrible Bosses’ is probably the best satire to describe how some superiors behave inside an office.

How Smoking Affects Your Sexual Performance09 May 2016

It’s Friday night and you’re out with your boys at some club, and you’re trying to hit on a girl but you have a cigar in your left hand and a glass of scotch in the other.

its all in the seasoning26 Feb 2016

For all you men out there who love to cook, this may very interesting for you to read.

How to reduce stress15 Feb 2016

Living in this modern age, stress seems to be a normal addition to our every day lives.

Have you taken your vitamins lately29 Jan 2016

Are you a man that strives to look his best at all times? Nice suit, shiny black shoes, trimmed and groomed with not one strand of hair ever out of place? Then these fruits will be right up your street! These foods will take care of you on the inside while you do the rest on the outside.

Hair What25 Jan 2016

Women love a man that is well groomed, especially London escorts.

diseases that are most contagious22 Jan 2016

No one likes to be sick, not even a London escort, having to stay at home in bed for the entire day, unless a London escort is taking care of them.

Causes of bad breathe18 Jan 2016

Having bad breath and not knowing can be very embarrassing especially when you are wondering why people won’t have long conversations with you.

Back pain relievers15 Jan 2016

If you have ever suffered from a back injury you will know how painful it can be.

How to deal with “love handles”26 Jun 2015

Some of us may want something a little extra to hold on to when the night comes, but how much further are we willing to go? How big does your London escort have to be in order for you to be satisfied?

Love handles or muffin tops are those extra pieces of fat that are attached to your waistline and they are accepted as a sign of ageing by some while others can't wait to get rid of them.

No Penis is an Island21 May 2014

No penis is an island is a mantra that most men wouldn't want to regard their penis for. But if it were to be an island, it better be one of those in demand summer hotspots somewhere in the Caribbean, the Bahamas or Hawaii, where the main attractions are hot and steamy activities all day and night.

Stoptober17 Jan 2014

Next month the government is launching a national campaign called Stoptober. It is to encourage smokers all across the county to pack the habit in once and for all. Are you a slave to the nicotine? Would you like to give up? Well there isn't a better time to try and just think of the health benefits and all the money you will save.

Boost Your Willpower10 Jan 2014

Was there ever a time in your life when you felt like life was just drying you up? How about the time when you felt weak from the inside, you could barely translate it into any physical activity? Or that time when your mind and body wasn't exactly in its best shape?

Calm before the Storm22 Nov 2013

Calm before the Storm: Exercise your way out of stress