The Right Place- Where to Find the Woman of your dreams22 Jul 2016

We get it- you want to meet a decent woman.

The Male Brain- Why He Cheats15 Jul 2016

For the average man, photos of attractive women, provocative or not is perhaps as essential as breathing and maybe healthy to keep the human race alive.

Prevention is better than Cure13 Jun 2016

Familiarity is the pitfall of every relationship.

Love and Lust15 Apr 2016

Love is a very fluid concept.

Getting Dumped not so bad11 Apr 2016

Getting dumped is one of the worst feelings in the world.

why don't they like her08 Apr 2016

They say that love is blind, and that is usually the case when you pick up a girl who is obviously not into you.

when jealousy rains04 Apr 2016

Have you ever felt the tension in the air when you show up among your friends with a hot chick attached to your arm, yes, one that looked like a London escort? All of a sudden, things between you and your friends have changed, not drastically, but enough for you to notice.

Waiting for her to call01 Apr 2016

Have you ever gone out on a date and you had a great time and hoped to score the second date but your date never called you back? Did she do to you the same thing that the London escorts did? I am sure this has happened too many of you as well, as it has perplexed many of you.

Spotting a gold digger21 Mar 2016

Some men find it hard to spot an authentic woman with whom they can settle down with and start a family, because of the sea of gold diggers that are out there amongst them.

Making oral sex good for her04 Mar 2016

Giving a man oral sex is not the most luxurious thing for a woman especially when you have come from a football game with the guys or a workout and you are dripping with sweat.

Maintaining a solid foundation29 Feb 2016

You are working hard to ensure that one day your family will become financially secure.

It did not work out22 Feb 2016

We have all been in relationships and we all hoped that it would last forever but it did not, like the ones with the London escorts.

Great secrets to having a great life19 Oct 2015

Is there really more to life than everybody thinks there is? Is there some secret that some people know about and others don't? Well it all depends on how you look at life.

Gifts for her that never grow old18 Sep 2015

Purchasing a gift for your London Escort is not as hard as you may think.

Rules for your new Relationship28 Aug 2015

You have recently got into a new relationship with a South American escort, and you are not too sure how to navigate the situation.