Erotic Stories

The Step Father16 Mar 2015

I lost my Father when I was quite young, he and my Mother were already estranged as I learnt from an early age my Mother had an insatiable sexual appetite.

The Retirement Party13 Mar 2015

Anne had just come home from her retirement party, Anne was neat and organised, she worked as a civil servant for a home counties Government department.

The Meat Feast09 Mar 2015

I started walking along the side of the A6 just North of Luton trying to thumb a lift, it was a rare boiling hot day when a van stopped for me, I was so grateful to escape the heat.

The Lair06 Mar 2015

My flat mate Hayley and I had decided that we wanted to experience a foursome but trying to hook our boyfriends in was proving rather difficult, so we decided it would be fun to set up some strangers and besides we were getting bored with our guys.

The Human Zoo02 Mar 2015

Damn, blast fucking car, heap of shit it's broken down again this time I'm stuck on a lonely country road with no fucking phone signal. Thank god there is at least a house in the distance.

The Debt Collector27 Feb 2015

As a young single bloke wanting to lead a life I couldn't afford I had ran up debts I couldn't pay and had made the huge mistake of going to a local shark lender.

The Convent Girl23 Feb 2015

Sinead had led a very quiet and sheltered life in rural Ireland; she had been educated through the local convent system and regularly attended mass alongside her family in the usual pew.

5 Little Fucks20 Feb 2015

Hi, my name is Alys and I love to fuck and to be fucked, Ive been like this since the legal age of consent and the more notches I can rack up the better.

The Plumber16 Feb 2015

Sally got up as soon as the alarm went off, as she pulled the cover to get out of bed, her slim long legs touched the floor, god it was cold, the heating should be on, Sally thought.

Sssshhhh Don’t Orgasm in the Library13 Feb 2015

It was a warm September afternoon in a North London Uni library and all the students were flocking in ready to start a new academic year.

The Banquet09 Feb 2015

This has to be the weirdest but most erotic dinner party I have attended. I was invited out by a group of clients who had received healthy returns on investments recommended by myself.

Cumming from around the World in Harpenden06 Feb 2015

I m a lone female in my late twenties, desperate for a partner and life outside of being a nanny, Im working long hours to pander to the little darlings belonging to other people.

The Bubble Butt of Stanstead02 Feb 2015

Leta is a West Indian girl who was introduced to me by an artist friend who used her as a muse for one particular reason. She had the most fantastic butt, she was known locally as the 'Bubble Butt of Stanstead'.

Shake and Rattle30 Jan 2015

I recently found out my girlfriend was having an affair, the usual of not enough attention, sneaky text messages and late nights at the office.

Sarah and Fuck26 Jan 2015

I call my slave 'fuck' as she has no need for a name, she is just my toy to be used and abused as I see fit and I like to use her for experiments of pleasure. This was my latest trick and I couldn't wait to get started.