Jessica’s High School Reunion


Jessica wasn't sure about making an appearance at her high school reunion, but as she retells her story, she can confidently say that she is very satisfied that she went, and got more than just an exchange of words with some old friends.

The vibe throughout the reunion was surprisingly fun and relaxed, and the flirting with old classmates had been adventurous but extremely innocent and harmless. However, that all changed just as she was ready to call it a night and head back to her hotel room, solo.

Jessica had spent most of the reunion talking to the high school sweethearts who were good friends of hers back in the day. She even attended their wedding but that was over 20 years ago and she hadn't seen them since, so you can imagine Jessica's shock when they had invited her back to their room with them. Shocked as she was, as Jessica politely declined as she got out of the lift to go back to her own, individual room.

Once back in her room, Jessica was unsure if she was completely drunk or horny, but whatever it was, she thoroughly regretted declining their invitation. What's done is done she thought, as she let her dress slide down her body and land on the floor. As she stood there in only her thong, Jessica began to fantasise about her childhood friends. She began to feel herself grow intensely horny as she trailed her hands up her body, cupping her breasts.

Jessica moved her hands slowly back down over her toned stomach and slid them into her knickers. She thought about the high school sweethearts having their way with her, devouring her in every position they desired. She imagined their naked bodies all connected in one, giant orgy. Jessica thought about the girl taking her clitoris into her mouth and licking it hard whilst she sucked her friend's husband's throbbing hard cock.

With each dirty image, Jessica began to feel her pussy grow warmer and wetter as she ground up and down against her fingers,then allowing her fingers to stimulate her swollen clit. She took her fingers and slid them deep into her soft, soaking pussy and began to rapidly thrust inside herself. She continued to play with her clit with her other hand, as she finger banged herself violently, picturing her friend and her husband having their dirty way with her.

Jessica began to feel her climax peak, as she rubbed faster and thrust her fingers harder. She imagined her girlfriend taking her dripping wet pussy in her mouth and licking up every last drop of Jessica's sweet pussy juices.With one last stoke, Jessica screamed as her body slipped into complete paradise. Her body began to spasm and squirm as her pussy juice squirted out of her and all over her hand. She continued to rub her clit as she watched her vagina relieve itself from the pleasurable pressure that had built up inside her.

Finally, Jessica let out a giant sigh of satisfaction as she lay there wondering if the real thing would be just as enjoyable?