She Pissed his Pain Away


As Jenna's client entered to the room, he was met by her sexy body, completely naked below the waist wearing nothing but thigh-high FM boots. The smell of the leather was enticing. It pulled him in like a fish on a line. The sounds of the creaking leather made his cock bulge every time she made a move. As he came closer to Jenna, her perfume began to mix in the air with the aroma of leather. It smelled like pure royalty, but that wasn't the only thing that he could smell.

The room was full of the smell from pussy. Hot, wet, cunt certainly overtook the smell of leather and Jenna's perfume. The room wasn't just an old, sweaty pussy smell. It smelled like some dirty, wild, experienced female pussy. One that would satisfy your world well beyond anything that you could have ever dreamed up in your wildest fantasies. Her client wondered if he had just entered a porn house.

Without another word, Jenna raised the cane in her hand to the end of his nose. He could smell her pussy that was covered the cane. She demanded for him to strip down naked and to get down on all fours and to not speak a word. Although confused as to what would happen next, her client complied. The floor was disgusting. It looked like there had been several naughty things that have gone down on the very spot that he knelt down on. It was a mixture of pussy, cum, piss and sweat. It oddly turned him on and made his cock throbbing hard.

"You are not to speak." Jenna finally spoke as she trailed her cane along his body, starting from his shoulders down to his ass. She allowed the cane to fall in between his cheeks and drag down, lightly stroking his balls. Her client immediately tensed up, clutching his butt cheeks so tight that the cane almost got stuck.

"Do you like being a dirty little slut?" She asked.

"Yes, Ma'am." He spoke.

"Good boy."

She trailed her glove covered hands over his back side, gripping a handful of his ass cheek and slapping it hard. She hit him again. And again. His ass was red and bruised from her hard slaps.

"Does that hurt?"

"Yes, Ma'am."

"But you like it."

"Yes, Ma'am."

She slapped his ass again. The sting shot through his ass and to his cock. He could have came at any second.

"Let me take care of that pain for you." She said.

Jenna straddled her naked body over top of his, with one of her thigh-high boots on one side of him, and the other on the opposite side. She faced away from him as she lined her pussy up with his ass. Suddenly, a hot stream of piss hissed from her pussy lips and down his ass crack, trickling over his puckered hole and dripping off of his balls. She must have drank bottles of water prior to his arrival because it seemed to have never ended. She squatted there on top of him, and pissed all over his manhood, stripping him of any confidence he had. She gripped a handful of his firm ass in her hands as she trailed her wet pussy on his back.

"Feel better?" She asked.