Rehab in Bray


I watched her transfixed, as she wandered around in a semi trance like state with a permanent serene smile on her lips. I wondered what her story was why she was here at The Elms rehab, she certainly didn't look ravished by drink or drug, and she had long dark hair that reached the base of back which she wore loose. She was a striking beauty with huge eyes that blazed with a passion. Meanwhile I was shaken to by my senses by a member of staff duly informing me it was time to attend a therapy session. I was here for a Cocaine habit, it really wasn't that bad and I could control it but since my parents got wind of it I was placed here of else lose my inheritance. So I just went along with it, having an easy time here and towing the ropes at this luxury centre on the river bank. I had loads of free time to wander the huge manicured grounds and watch her too.

It was early evening when I heard moans and cries of women climaxing from a clump of bushes, I heard the sound of bodies slapping against each other. Followed by the sound of clothes being zipped up and I dipped out of view to see her glide out from her spot. Face flushed with the warm afterglow of sex followed by one of the psychologists. Both went their separate ways and acted as if nothing had happened. My cock grew large and very hard at the thought of these two gorgeous girls rolling about the bushes, I looked and could see where the ground been disturbed by their coupling. I took my cock and jerked over shrubbery adding my seed to the wetness already there.

I followed her closely over the next few days, diving into shadows so she didn't get creeped out by me, to one day she spun around and demanded in a cut glass accent what exactly interested me to her. I was caught unaware and embarrassed; she demanded I make no excuses. I explained I found her so beautiful and I wanted to make sure she was ok and mumbled and excuse about making sure she wasn't sneaking off to use or drink. She told me I was extremely presumptuous and how I dare assume she abused substance, I said I thought that's what we were all there for and she pointed out addictions came in all forms. She said she was there because she was addicted to fucking. I laughed and said yeah me too, she told me it wasn't funny and her partner had placed her there to get help and keep her from cheating.

I confronted her with the truth and told her I knew she fucked her psychologist and she better drop the attitude because I could land the two of them in trouble. She grabbed my hand pulling me into an empty store room, flicking a lock down it was apparent she had been in here many times. Without saying a word she bent down yanking my jeans down and ran her fingers and tongue up my thighs. They were like ice and so sensual, she told me she had better make sure I kept my mouth shut then. With that manhood had awoken from its slumber and roared into action, jutting out ramrod towards her chin. She slid her mouth all the way down to the base, deep throating like I'd only ever seen in a porno. I was in heaven, I grabbed her long hair twisting it, forcing her head back, I thrust into her mouth. I told her she was a dirty whore and she groaned with pleasure. I was bucking back and forth using her huge mouth as a fucking machine, I didn't care if I was rough because it very evident she had sucked cock like a pro thousands of times.

Her hands clamped around my buttocks as she tried to take even more of my girth into her firm big mouth. I looked at her face and she was totally immersed with a wild look of pure lust in those eyes. She was sending me wild, and now she was working that firm tongue tip around the head of my shaft. She let out a long low moan and as my balls grew tight and heavy, she slipped a finger into my crack. A brief pop as she inserted three fingers past my sphincter muscle, angling forward she knew what she was looking for.

I couldn't hold out any more and with a huge grunt I shot my load deep in her throat, hearing her swallow and gag on my cum as her fingers worked their magic on my prostrate. I had never been sucked like that ever and I could see by her crotch she had come as well, just sucking my cock was enough to bring her off. She really was addicted and I was more than happy to be her dealer.

Later that night I called my Father to apologise that I had been out and used Cocaine that day, with that another cheque was written out and my stay extended.