A Risk with the Law


Cathy arranged a nice evening with a date on the beach, with the intent to finish the night at a restaurant on the shore, and later, a visit to the bedroom. However, neither she nor her date expected the beach to get so hot and steamy, especially considering the fact that he was a cop.

As they arrived at the boardwalk, Cathy walked ahead of her date, over to the wooden path to the ocean shore. He followed behind her as the anticipation grew, until they saw a bench in the sand that would be a perfect time to start the night. The two had planned to simply chat on the shore prior to dinner, but as the two sat there in the moonlight, Cathy couldn't help but try to get this cop to indulge in a little bit of naughty time in public. The challenge of getting her cop date to indulge in an illegal act made her pussy super hot within seconds.

"What if we fucked right here?" Cathy asked her date with a wink.

"If we were to get caught, I'd lose my job." He replied.

"Well... Not if we're discreet enough," She said as she stood up from the bench. She slid her hands up her dress and slowly removed her black thong. She slipped them down her legs and off of her sandy feet and twirled them in her fingers as she looked for hesitation from her date. He was all eyes and she knew that she would be able to get exactly what she wanted. She stuck her knickers in the breasts of her dress as she directed her date to pull his dick from the zipper of her trousers.

"I'll just sit on you," She said as she moved towards him. She hiked her dress up over her tips and straddled his legs. His shaft was already rocking hard as it stood at attention against her pussy. Cathy spit on her hand and rubbed it over the tip of his penis. She stood on her tip toes over top of him as his wet head grazed her pussy. She circled her pussy on his tip before allowing her dress to fall over top of them. She turned around, allowing her back to face him, and slowly slid her pussy down his shaft, just as she was sitting on his lap.

"Discreet enough, officer?" She asked.

He moaned as he placed his hands on her hips and began to rock her on top of him. She grinded on his dick slowly before bouncing up and down on his shaft. Her legs were burning from the motion and just as they began to weaken, the cop stood up, not removing his dick from her pussy. He spun her body around so that she was facing the bench. Her arms clung onto the top as he stood behind her. The cop hiked up her dress once again to see her bare ass all the way down on his shaft. He began to pump his dick hard and fast into her pussy, looking both ways to ensure that no one was watching. Their silhouettes from the moonlight put on a great show as he stood behind her, one hand on her hip, the other on her opposite shoulder as he thrust deep inside of her. Cathy was as wet as the ocean shore.

Knowing that they had to be quick, the cop placed one leg up on the bench, allowing his shaft to go deep inside of her, reaching the end of her pussy. She squealed in pleasure. His dick filled every inch of her as he pumped his throbbing hard cock inside of her sopping wet pussy. The two glanced from side to side, ensuring that her little officer would never get caught. The risk was sexy. The risk was scandalous and the risk made the cop cum within minutes.

Cathy watched their silhouettes as he jammed his dick far in her pussy before unleashing a fresh white load of hot cum inside of her. He quivered from the adrenaline and pleasure, allowing every last squirt to shoot far inside of her. As he pulled his dick from her pussy, allowing her dress to fall over her ass, Cathy turned around to look at her pleased man.

"Should we go home so you can arrest me, Officer?"