Sacha and her Brandy


Sacha never thought that she would come to love the job of being an escort. It was initially something to do for fun and to meet new people in the area. Little did she know that she had already started her career at the tender age of 19.

Sacha recalls one night being out on a date night with a friend, Tony. Usually she's a beer drinker and avoids anything too intense, but she admits that when a gorgeous man is offering to buy you an extremely expensive glass of brandy, you simply don't turn it down.

One too many brandies in, and the night was really taking off. There's something about brandy that makes Sacha really horny and frisky, so you can imagine how she was feeling after her third glass.

Sitting in a VIP luxury booth at a local club, the brandy took over, and Sacha's inner inhibitions came out as she climbed up onto Tony's lap and planted her big, luscious, soft lips right onto his. She had never hooked up with Tony before, but he was delightfully surprised. As they continued kissing, Sacha could feel Tony's throbbing dick growing harder and harder every second underneath her. She moved her body so her pussy was directly over his cock while she sat on his lap, so she could feel his cock growing harder and poking her clit. She began to feel her pussy get wetter and wetter. Sacha only had a short skirt on and wasn't wearing any knickers because she can't stand panty lines. A girl who loves fashion always makes sure she looks good, right?

The VIP booth that Sacha and Tony were in was quite secluded so Sacha decided to take things further, or maybe it was the brandy that decided to. She slid down, off of his body and pulled his throbbing hard dick out from inside his trousers and took it all in her warm, drunken mouth. She sucked it long and hard and licked from his balls to the tip of his head. Tony groaned with pure pleasure. With his cock hard and wet, Sacha took control and sat right down on it, allowing his cock to plunge deep into her young, sweet, pussy. Right there, in the VIP booth of a club, Sacha rode Tony's dick as if they were completely alone. She rode him hard, and fast until he came inside of her throbbing pussy.

As Sacha recalls that night, she giggles and says, maybe I should give that Tony a call! I could handle some brandy right now!