10 Brain Boosting Tips for Everyday


They say that if you want to be smart, then you have to start taking care of your brain more than you do now. It's not enough that you've stopped drinking to keep your brain in tiptop shape. There are other ways by which you can do these and we're going to go through them all here. After all, men aren't just visual creatures, we're highly intellectual too, especially if we want to.

10. Break out of your routine - if you're used to brushing your teeth with your right hand, try using your left instead. If you're left handed in everything you do, try writing using your right hand. If you're used to jogging, try doing it in reverse. The idea is to go on with your life doing the same things but with a deviation; deviate from your normal patterns. Doing so will eventually stimulate other parts of your brain and if things go well will make you smarter.

9. Mind hydration - we don't think we can stress this enough, but you should always hydrate your brain. If you don't know by now, 80 percent of your brain is made of water, so depriving it of moisture would only slow down your brain processes and you don't want that when you want to be witty with a hot London escort.

8. Get 7-8 hours of sleep - we understand that men like to party, and they do party hard, but that doesn't mean you should skip on some shut-eye. Every human being who uses his brain should at least indulge in 7 to 8 hours of sleep, and that's non-negotiable.

7. Enjoy a quiet time with your brain - yes, that's right. Your brain will benefit from an hour of stress free thoughts and self induced anxiety. If you can, meditate at least an hour everyday to allow your brain to breathe.

6. Just Dance - you know that Lady Gaga song your girlfriend used to play in the car, well, you can actually learn something from it if you want to be smart. There are a few activities that can stimulate the brain, and dancing is one of them.

5. Don't watch too much TV - men who tend to slouch on the couch don't always end up as businessmen in the future. Now if your dream is to be somewhere near Donald Trump, we suggest that you shut that telly and start reading timely reads from books to magazines and newspapers, just go get yourself entertained intellectually.

4. Read, read and read - reading is always good for the brain. Now if you feel like reading is a loner's advocate, then start a reading group yourself, who said reading groups are only for women anyway?

3. Fight pain, the right way - studies show that majority of men who suffer from pain and won't do anything about it are more likely to develop Alzheimer's than those who take Ibuprofen or any other pain killing medication. You see, just because you're a man doesn't mean you should always be tough. When it's too painful to bear, it's okay to seek help.

2. Don't be paranoid - one of the things that make a man is his ability to create negative thoughts without even trying. It's an automatic reaction to a new experience, a new venture or a new idea. If you can prevent these ANT's, then your brain will be able to function the way it should.

1. Have Sex - and we know you've been waiting for this, but it's been known that sex is good for the heart, and whatever is good for you heart is considered good for your brain too. Enough said.