How to Ask Her Out - The Correct Way


There is a whole list of ways to incorrectly ask a female out on a date, and to be fair, you probably don't need to read that list because you know it like the back of your hand. After all, you're single for a reason, right? Forget that! The past is the past and today, you are going to learn the correct way of asking that babe out that you have been eyeing up all night.

Here is a standard way to ask a female out. Of course, you're going to want to change it around to fit your specific situation, but surely you get the point.

"Let's get together sometime and do _________"

Her response to this exact question will also let you know whether she wants to hang out strictly as friends, or she's interested in a little something more. Hopefully, it's the latter. You will know this by her tone. She will respond positively and her expression will be good. She may even take the initiative and suggest a specific time and a specific date. Wouldn't that be nice? However, if she does not, then show initiative and suggest the specifics yourself, or ask for her number so you can figure it out at a later time. Either way, you'll be playing slightly hard to get, but in a good way. Her anticipation will be growing and definitely working in your favour.

Now, back to her response informing you whether she wants to hang out as friends or wants more. If she doesn't seem excited and answers with a "yes" simply because she doesn't feel comfortable rejecting you face to face, then she's probably not interested. You may also start to notice her quickly change the subject - and fast. She's not interested, so move on. Next!

Okay, so you're not convinced that this is the appropriate way to ask someone out? Well, here is why it is indeed, the best way to approach a female with a proposal.

You can't be rejected. You didn't really ask her out now did you? Instead, you made a statement that you should both go out sometime. And that's it.

The way you asked her on the date implies a casual get together. No one feels obligated and it will only promise good vibes when you actually do hang out. Perfect! She isn't pressured to say yes, and she isn't pressured to say no. After all, you're just hanging out, getting to know one another and doing something that you both enjoy doing, right?

You will immediately know, by her response, whether she wants to date you or not. You won't be sitting there wondering if you should call her again or send her yet another text message. Well, you should never be like that anyway, but you get the point!

Surely you must see, by now, how asking someone out on a date this way works so much better!