How to be a Good Lover


Being a good lover doesn't just mean that you can satisfy your woman greatly in bed, it also means that you take amazing care of your girl.

Being a good lover means taking the extra steps to make your woman feel amazing, happy, loved and every other positive emotion you can think of. Are you yawning? Don't! Remember that saying, a happy wife is a happy life! If you learn how to be a good lover, she will be completely contented.

Massage is a powerful thing. Of course, you'd rather be the one getting the massage and you can always switch it round, but pampering your girl will make her happy and desirable. Visit a local shop and pick up some oils and lotions. Pick up some books on massage and get reading, and remember, females are fragile. Their version of a massage is more of a pressured back rub.

Even if your girl loves it when you roughly ravish her and fuck her in crazy places at crazy times, she still wants you to make some time for love making. It may be hard to switch to soft and sensual bedroom sex when you're used to public bathrooms, doggie style and toys, but if you change it round once in a while and indulge in some love-making, you'll be pleasantly surprised when your wild sessions increase all the more! Wild is great, but slow it down a little from time to time.

Get in shape. There are so many reasons that you should want to be in shape, but the most important ones pertain to your sex life. If you look good, she'll want to ravish you all the more, plus, if you're in shape, your stamina will be much greater which will allow you to perform longer.

Tantalise her senses. Play some soft love making music (nothing too cheesy, please), and sweet foods such as strawberries are always fun to take into the bedroom. Sure, it sounds clichd and maybe it's not your style, but it'll get you laid and your girl will be happy!

Get a little tantric! Tantric sex is popular for a reason, so jump on the trend. If you're stubborn and refuse to do so then just read one page. Just one page, that's all she asks!

Just remember, a happy wife is a happy life.