Bedroom Offences - What You Shouldn't Do


Sex is a game and every man wants to win the game, but as every game goes, there are rules and there are fouls and sex is no different. Sometimes, in our efforts to have as much sex as we can, we subconsciously commit mistakes or fouls that are either unforgiveable or intolerable. But how do we address these mistakes?

How do we make sex better for us and for our partner?

We attempt to identify the most notorious slip-ups we commit during sex.

We begin by reminding every man out there who's about to have sex- to make sex all about discovery. An exploration of each other's bodies and not a destination. For men to get great sex they need to give great sex- or at least its female counterpart, foreplay.

A man shouldn't rush sex; he should be patient while enjoying his partner, the woman. He should be enduring enough to tease her, play with her senses, make her lose control and ultimately make her reach her "red zone".

Another sex offence men are guilty of is reliving the past. And by this we mean, doing it in the same place at the same time. Perhaps a quickie is the best example to break this cycle. Surprise her by having sex in an unusual place, the back of your car, in your car garage, in your garden or even in a public place, just don't bring her back to the same old hotel room you get, whenever you want to do it. After all, frequent sex begets more intense and passionate sex.

In line with reliving the past, the third most common fault of men is being too predictable. Because of the innate tendency of men to dominate the relationship, they often come across as too eager to have sex. Most women don't appreciate that. They like to be surprised, In fact, a practical example of this would be workout sex- the kind you have after a workout. Exercising releases dopamine, which in turn relieves anxiety and relaxes the muscles of the body. This may be a perfect time to instigate sex, on a yoga mat, on the treadmill or anywhere that won't make her feel that she's accommodating your needs. This time, make it about her.

And the most offensive act in sex is watching the TV and then sex. Women don't like the feeling of being an option to your boring night and they definitely don't want to do all the work while you lie on your back and watch them do their thing. It's like watching porn and knocking one out. No one wants to have a lazy lay, never mind lousy.

These mistakes may not seem all too apparent before you read this but I am sure that you are guilty of one, if not all of them, and it's not an easy task to try and break them but if you're willing and able, why don't you try it out with an escort, a London escort, I heard they've got pretty good skills in bed and who knows, they may just help you break that bad habit.