Best Three Tips for a one Night Stand


It is well known that most females like to cuddle and touch their lovers, it is a surprising fact that most women also crave promiscuous sex with a complete stranger. Yes, it's the fabulous one night stand that so many people would love to indulge in, but most manage to screw up. Doing any of these things sends signals that you, are also looking for a little bit more than just a sex session. Follow these three important tips to successfully achieve the one night stand that every man dreams of having.

First off, you want to act like sex isn't all that you want. Of course, this is a complete lie because really, you're on the hunt for a sexy babe to take home for a one night stand and a one night stand only. If you act like a gentleman even if she knows you two are just hooking up for some fun, then she will feel less like a slut, which in turn means more pussy for you!

You always need to have your game plan figured out. There's nothing worse than having your arm around a babe that you're ready to go home with, and you state that you can't go back to your own place because of roommates, a mess or even worse parents. Have an understanding with your roommates before you go out for the night so you know you can safely take her back there.

Lastly, and quite possibly the most important tip of the three, is to act like you won't boast about your session to the guys the next day. Of course realistically you can't wait to tell them all about how dirty she was, and how loud she screamed, however, it's absolutely imperative that you convince her that this is exactly what you won't do. You also want to convince her that you don't think she's a slag for having a one night stand with you although you may secretly think that, and yes, also reassure her that no one will find out, especially the guys (what a lie)!

If you've had one too many drinks and can't remember these three steps, then simply just remember to tell her whatever it is that she wants to hear. Go along with what she says, wants and needs to hear, and you'll be completely sorted for the perfect one night stand.