Why Do You Hate Condoms?


There isn't a man in this world that can say that they enjoy wearing a condom. What man likes to wrap his member in a rubber balloon just to engage in some sex? Admit it - you hate it more than anything else in this world. Okay, maybe not more than anything else in this world, but you most definitely hate it, but have you ever asked yourself why?

The most important reason you probably hate wearing a condom is due to the restriction. Those bad boys are like a speed restrictor! Sure, lube can help but it's not nearly as good as going au naturel, right?

Of course, it's just not natural. The feeling isn't free at all. You almost feel as if you're not the one banging the girl, but that the condom is. How depressing is that?

If you wanted to smell burnt rubber, you'd go to a race track, right? However, you must have been a damn rabbit to get the friction going enough to cause a burnt rubber smell. Good for you! Seriously though, the smell of a used condom is definitely not the next number one selling scent - that's for sure!

Although you hate condoms and can't bear the thought of having to put a rubber on every time you want to get down and dirty, they are an absolute necessity to keeping it (yes, your penis) clean, especially if you're not in a monogamous relationship. So, wrap up, boys!

Sure, it sucks, but what if you managed to catch something from one of those slags you met at the bar last weekend? Imagine if you caught something nasty the one time you decided that it was okay to go "free"? If you have a sexually transmitted disease, then you can potentially spend an awfully long time not having sex!

Wearing a condom doesn't sound so bad anymore, does it?