Promising Orgasms


Promise to give your girl the world's most amazing orgasm, follow through with it and deliver that promise? Oh, you bet your ass you can do it! With these tips you will be sure to give your girl into a toe curling, mind blowing, screaming explosive orgasm or two. Okay, you get the point. Remember though, that you, of course, need to try each tip and stick with the ones that hit the right spot. There is one imperative rule to really take things over the edge of satisfaction. Every girl is different so let her body and sounds tell you what's working and what's not.

Place a pillow under your girl's ass as she is lying on her back and give her some long, sensual thrusts. This position gives you the perfect entry and access to her G-spot. If you want to stimulate her clit as well, then grind inside her in a circular motion as well. This will make your pelvis rub against her clit as your dick penetrates her inside. The g-spot and c-spot combo never fails!

Play around with some lubricants and lotions. Even if your girl is naturally nice and wet, do indulge in lubes since they can provide different sensations like tingling or warming. The options are endless so definitely experience them. Use a clit sensitizer to really send her orgasm over the top.

Slow it down. Women are emotional creatures and when you give them sensual and passionate loving, this brings them so much closer to the peak of pleasure. Kiss, caress and woo your girl to get her going.

When she is on top of you, have her lay down so your chests are touching. Now, instead of her bouncing up and down on your dick or you thrusting, have your girl grind herself on your cock. The motion will have her clit rubbing against your pelvis, as she rides your dick. As she reaches climax, thrust your butt upwards for some extra hard penetration on her clit.

Play around and see which of the previous tips really send your girl into a fierce frenzy. Maybe all will work, or maybe one will really be her favourite. Regardless of the number of tips that work, the outcome will still be explosive for the both of you.