Remember That Name


Remembering a girl's name is definitely not the easiest thing to do. More times than not, her name is the last thing you're focusing on. However, don't make this mistake! Forgetting her name or even worse, calling her by the wrong name can potentially turn a situation into an awful mess and potentially end any idea of you getting another date immediately. Remembering her name will show her respect, so avoid forgetting her name and making yourself look like an amateur with these tips. After all, you forget that name and it's a sure-fire game killer.

Firstly and definitely most importantly, pay attention. Well, you should be doing this anyway but of course it can be hard to focus on a name when you have this gorgeous babe chatting you up. More times than not, you don't mentally check in when asking for someone's name, just like when you ask how someone is doing. Listen closely. If they have a name that can be spelled more than one way, ask how they spell it. Heck, ask anyway! Anything to get that name drilled into your brain!

Once you know her name, and you know for certain that you correctly know her name, look at her and mentally repeat it in your head. Use her name as often as possible throughout the conversation. Of course, also use it in moderation because you don't want to look like a weird fool either!

Think back to your old school days when you were studying for exams and used mental tricks to remember certain things. Those exact tactics also work well for your dating skills, believe it or not. Think of something that she is wearing or a unique physical feature that has the same first letter as the first letter of her name. Think of a song that has her name in it and repeat the lyrics in your head.

If all the previous tips don't work and you find yourself scrambling your brain trying to remember her name, don't just guess. Be honest and ask as soon as you have realised that you have forgotten her name. This shouldn't be asked hours after talking, or even worse, on the third date, as the longer you wait, the worse the situation can be. Avoid offending her by apologising, saying you're bad with names and ask her for it again. You can only ask for her name so many times before you look like an idiot, so make sure you remember it after the first time you forget it.

Remember, there will be absolutely no chance with this girl if you forget her name or call her someone that she is not. Study her name as if you were studying for a final exam back in your school days. It will pay off.