Smart and Sexy - How to be a Smart Sexter


Nearly half of the male population is guilty of sexting. And in case you don’t know, “sexting” is a slang term for sex texting, or sending and receiving sexual messages via text. While this trend is taking a course of its own in the social scene, men should not be advocates of such actions.

Most men who “sext” have sent messages to women without their consent, thinking that suggestive messages of sex would turn a woman on, and because of this knowledge, sexting has evolved from just exchanging messages to trading intimate photos. From Chris Brown’s nude photo scandal to a lot more male celebrities whose naked photos have surfaced the web and beyond, a man should always be conscientious when dealing with such sensitive issues.

And to better understand this delusion, we need to know how to be smart and sexy without being cocky and insensitive.

The first thing a smart sexter should know, is that there is an appropriate place and time for sexting. Say you’re in an office and you want to get frisky with your girl, do it when you get home, and if you’re not spending the night together, do it in the comfort of your own home, but be sure that she’s in her own private spot too! You don’t want to be sending sexts when she’s out and about in town, chances are, you’ll just be ignored.

Also, sexting means sending messages not images. Don’t ever think that sending your nude photo would immediately get you her attention. Most women don’t find nude photos sexy, if anything, probably creepy, so don’t bother sending pictures of your manhood to her when she’s not asking for them. Chances are, she’ll be showing them to her friends and they’d be laughing their asses off at your manhood’s expense.

Sound advice for those of you who are too sexually aggressive and always want to get your groove on with women, is to take things nice and easy. Slowly but surely, don’t go out there surprising them with your penis shots. Let her open up to you, after all, sexting is meant for keeping the lines of communication about sex open. Sometimes, there are things you can’t say in person, and for sensitive matters such as sex, sexting maybe a good way of letting your inhibitions loose without offending anyone, provided that it’s put to good use.

In fact, a London escort often sends these out to get her dates excited. She tries to open a sexually suggestive conversation before they meet up, just to build up enough sexual tension between the two of them in the hopes that they’d have a healthy, lasting sex life. Maybe it’s time you gave sexting a shot!