How to Spot a Stalker


Stalkers are everywhere! They are annoying and sometimes even dangerous. So what is a stalker and how do you spot one, you may ask? A stalker is the type of girl who really, really... REALLY wants to be in a relationship with a particular person. Their need and desire for that person determines just how crazy they can actually be. These types of girls are often possessive, self-conscious and in complete need of every last part of you. The only potentially good thing about a stalker is that they are usually extremely easy to get into bed, only they may cry and say that they are in love almost immediately afterwards, or even worse, randomly tell you that they are pregnant with your baby a week after you've slept with them! You know what I mean, the kind of girl who you wake up next to only to find that she's been sitting there for hours watching you sleep! Or turning up at your home on a regular basis - unannounced!! So how do you spot them?

Spotting a stalker prior to sleeping with them may very well be a lifesaver. Ideally, you need to find out if a girl is a stalker before you get into bed with them, because once you've had sex with them, you're doomed, Literally!

Stalkers usually drop small, subtle hints and pass comments like, "I really like you" or "My mum can't wait to meet you!" Not a big deal, right? Well, you've only just met her and exchanged first names 2 minutes ago, so yes - that is a definite problem! If a woman is acting as if she already has a future planned with you and you've only known her a week, then this is a definite sign that you need to run a mile, and quickly! This type of woman is completely desperate, and once they get what they want (you), they will never let it go.

Aura. No, you don't need to be psychic to sense someone's aura, it's one of those natural abilities that all humans have, it's like our intuition. If you are getting a weird vibe from her, or your gut feeling is telling you that "there's just something not right!" then trust it. A person's aura and your intuition can be a lifesaver and they're almost never wrong. Don't worry, just move on to the next.

Now, you've just slept with a girl that you barely know and you're desperately trying to figure out if she's going to be a psycho stalker? Well, shame on you, because you should have figured that out before you slept with her, although admittedly these things can happen. If she seems to be popping up in places that you always go to at the same times as you or you seem to be running into her everywhere you go, then chances are that she's already memorised your entire schedule!

If she's already introducing you as her boyfriend, or you run into her and her parents while you're out and they already know all about you, then it's a clear indication that you have a severe problem on your hands and you need to cut off all communication with this stalker as quickly as possible.

Regardless of if you spot a stalker prior to, or after having had sex, you will quickly start to notice their obsessive behaviour. Being nice will only encourage them further, so just simply cut off all communication and contact and stay well away... for your own safety!