The Clock is Ticking on Escorts in London Agencies


Let's put this outrageous statement into some context! Why should customers look from the outside at this high yield, fast turnover industry, with a massive stigma or even worse, be conned, duped, thoroughly turned over and mercilessly ripped off? Well the answer is staring us all in the face, and it stems from the "high yield fast turnover industry" statement and the way that many of the so called London escorts agencies operate.

Although the general public frown on this industry for obvious reasons, the industry services a public need and believe it or not, even though we are in a recession, its growth is unprecedented. In the main, this is due to unscrupulous foreigners moving into the bright lights of our capital and extorting as much available hard earned cash out of the paying clientèle in the shortest time possible before moving on to the next lucrative money spinner. Well, the word on the street is, thin out the bad boys and restore some stability back into this once respected and extremely reputable industry.

There are many competitors looking for that edge, multiple websites with the same content are possibly the most common high speed marketing tool, one to beware of and avoid. The promise of a very special unique and stunning young lady, yet on arrival you get - yes you guessed it! The same plain and unattractive girl who appeared on the three previous websites you visited. Do you complain? I dare say not for the fear of reprisal and vendetta. That is the other and most possibly defined problem, do you really know who you are dealing with in this vicious, unforgiving and vindictive Market? Can you be sure when the promised exotic, and I use the term loosely, benevolent and seductive girl arrives, that you can actually trust her in your company? I guess I will have to leave the answer to that question up to the individual reader, but most probably the answer is either a definite no, or I would not put my life on it.

The burning question is and must be, why has this happened to this once friendly, pleasant and trusting industry? The answer is very simple indeed, it has been taken over by the barons of greed, the ones who want to make a fast buck and get out while the going is good. Having scant disregard for their employees and more to the point, the poor unsuspecting, yet still prestigious clients who support this industry with gallant vigour.

Mark my words, the clock is ticking and the tide will turn on these whip in and plunder wide boys, the Vikings in their heyday had a lot of success but did last the course, I just hope the same can be said of the hijackers of this industry. Let them have their 5 minutes of glory, but do not let them destroy a part of our capitals heritage.