Just A Personal Opinion - Believe what you want


Well, I can’t decide what’s best right now, to post the bad stories to keep me from working, or the good ones to make me feel better if I have to go back out. I've applied everywhere and will continue to do so, but it’s kind of a joke.

My resume isn't exactly shooting me to the top of the applicant list, and with the economy the way it is, I'm not hoping for a career, I'm hoping some company needs help bad enough to take me on and rich enough to pay me enough to maintain. And then it really comes down to - Do I really want this? Do I really want to live like this when I can fix it?

Yes, but the reason we do it is for the money, and if I went back I could pay off a lot and be able to know I could get a normal job and make enough after my debt is paid. It’s my choice; I could go out tonight and start again. London escorts, in a few months I could be debt free, with some money put away, and not feel like such a basket case. I could start a college fund for the kids. I could go on the vacation I just cancelled. I could do a lot with London escort. But then why stop there? Why not go back to the life where I had no debt, tons of money, vacation and shopping all the time... This is what happens I guess...

Right now it comes down to my boyfriend- and I can express my relationship dilemmas here because my boyfriend has promised not to read this blog for my privacy. And so even if he is (and I bet you are) he can’t say anything because he would be breaking his promise.

I stopped working when I started dating him. He cared more about me than I cared about myself, or as some professionals would say, maybe I benefited him more by not working. We have a great relationship, in our own way. I usually only date borderline psychotics who can’t get enough of me, who want marriage and babies- but he is the opposite. He's the one not wanting more, and maybe I choose this relationship because it’s more realistic, it’s more real. It’s not so fake. Okay, whatever. Not exactly a fairy tale, but we have a great time together and I love him.