Are Escorts Good for You?


This is a very open ended question without a concluding answer; it all depends where abouts on the fence you sit. There is the train of thought that the business in general should be hunted to extinction, the PC crowd, Politically Correct, and we all know what we think of them, not a lot. A Watford escort is a bit like an apple, one a day keeps the doctor away.

Then you have the lets legalise the business groups, oh and guess what, who stands, oops forgive the pun, to gain from this then. Back to the good old days of everyone need to take a slice of the action, nobody considers the girls who ply there trade, the honest business men who go out of there way to offer the glamorous beauties full on assurance and the paying public. In this scenario no one is safe from the prying eyes of Big Brother. Least of all the stupendous Watford escorts who really only want to make sure there customers have a fantastic time.

The, we don’t give a dam brigade who tend to turn a blind eye to any and everything, especially if it does not directly affect what they are doing and when they intend to do it. Then and only then if the waters are disturbed, will these so called agnostics suddenly get conscience and start to put there foot into other peoples business without thought or discrimination. Back off buddy we are enjoying ourselves; leave us to our own devices.

So, are glamorous, uncomplicated and down-right seductive Watford escorts good for you, of course they are, a little bit of what you fancy is most definitely good for you. Ignore the comments of the uneducated, follow your instincts and go on get out there and have one hell of a night of unrestricted pleasure, whatever you needs, get in touch with good time girl, let your hair down, that is if you have any left by know, and go for it. Always remember any escort is what you want her to be without compromise, without strings but always with discretion.