Quality Escorts in Westminster


Westminster situated in the heart off London is rich with British history and has many sights and attractions that are not to be missed. Call up and book one of the stunning Westminster escorts to show you around and provide you with an unforgettable experience.

Take a trip to Buckingham palace, the queens official residence since 1837. Certain areas of this beautiful building are open to the public where you can wander around and marvel at some of the amazing antique décor. You can see the guards outside dressed in their uniforms and really get a feel for royal life.

If you are feeling political, you and your Westminster escort can head to Downing Street, home of David Cameron the Prime Minister. What may look like a modest terraced house, number 10 is in fact very deceptive as it hides its real size and grandeur within.

Hail a black cab, an essential experience when travelling around London and find one of the many up market restaurants to treat you and your Westminster escort to something to eat. There are hundreds of wonderful places to eat in the capital offering a five star dining experience.

Take a trip to Westminister Abbey. The beautiful church where William and Kate where married in the amazing royal wedding last year. Charles and Diana were also married here many years earlier. This is not only the setting for many royal events but also remains predominantly a place of worship. You can go inside the abbey and take in the amazing architecture and elegant character of the building. If you are lucky you may arrive when the choir is singing. Lead your Westminster escort down the steps and make her feel like a princess!

Westminster escorts are always impressed if you take them to one of the classy wine bars in the city. You can sip on cocktails and champagne whilst you chat away looking out over the river Thames. you can them to recommend somewhere as they will know all the best places to go for a quiet drink with a sophisticated atmosphere.

When they day is done and the night is drawing in, take your Westminster escort back to your apartment or hotel for some late night action. Take a bottle of champagne on ice with you to get you both feeling a little frisky. Set the mood, light some candles and put on some slow music. Why not take a nice hot bubble bath with your Westminster escort? You can get all hot and steamy in the bubbles and dry each other off when you get out. Kiss her all over her soft skin, whilst you admire her naked body. Why not get down and dirty on the balcony if you have one? You can look out over the city of London whilst forgetting all your troubles, as you feel your Westminster escort rub up against you.

For the ultimate in style and sophistication, a trip to London just would not be the same without booking one of our stunning beautiful Westminster escorts.