Secret Sex Romps with ex Big Brother Contestant


Forget the new gagging orders, forget the kiss and tell ethos, a well known and infamous Rugby star has admitted having no strings attached sex romps with Imogen Thomas the Big Brother beauty ejected from the house in the 2006 contest, and of course now part of a super injunction over her affair with a married soccer ace. Wonder who that could be?

The rugby international regularly meet up with this Swansea beauty to indulge in sex romps after meeting the star in a Swansea club during which they were invited to the London escorts VIP lounge where they both got drunk. Imogen is a fun loving girl with a fantastic body, incredible boobs, which of course have been enhanced from a misery 32C to there present 32E and of course legs and a bum to die for.

She had a phenomenal appetite for sex and liked to be in control. We would meet up on a casual basis maybe a couple of times a month, go out to eat, obviously building up the stamina levels and then spend the night together indulging in sexual fantasies, always with Imogen in total control. Some nights we would have sex three or more times very enjoyable but wearing.

Imogen’s panache for famous people is her Achilles heal and will catch up with her one day, maybe that day has now cometh, as have many of her celebrity partners, or should I say acquaintances, who have included Ryan Thomas from Coronation Street and the ex Radio 1 DJ and comedian Russell Brand.

With regards to the injunction post the suspected affair, Imogen feels she has been cast into the Lions Den whilst her wealthy and more famous Soccer Playing married cheat has apparently bought his anonymity in order to save his marriage. Who says money can not buy happiness or at least mist out the happenings of a lurid affair.

The Rugby player has admitted that he hopes Imogen is OK and can recover from this ordeal; after all she is a family oriented girl who is just looking for that MR Wright. Our Rugby start reported that he : Hoped she finds her knight in shinning armour and finally settles down to the life she so desperately craves for and deserves.