Things to Never Say to Any woman


Every woman wants to get special treatment from her boyfriend/husband. No woman likes to know that she is his second best or just his option. Some men however, instead of making her feel special tend to put their foot in their mouth and make her feel less than adequate .Most times however in their defence, they actually do not realise what they are doing.

If you want to stay in her good books, here are a few things you should never, ever say to her.

Why don't you lose some weight? If your girlfriend/wife has blessed you with children, the last thing you should tell her to do is visit the local gym.

That's not how my mother does it This one will make your girl mad at you for weeks. If that's not how your mother makes it, then go see your mother. No woman likes to be compared to her mother-in-law.

You look fat You girlfriend knows that she has put on some weight over the past few years and she's already conscious of it. The last thing that she needs is for you to constantly tell her about it.

Is that what you're wearing? After finally getting a chance to spend time with you and taking hours to make sure that she looks great so you can show her off for the night, she doesn't need you to second guess her choice of clothing. If that is what she feels comfortable in then why not? Maybe you are the one that needs to change.

Call her by your name You're having a heated discussion with your girlfriend/wife and you blurt out your name one of the Essex escorts. Before you can cover it up, she storms off. Nothing is more disrespectful to a woman than when you are with a man who is thinking about someone else.

She's pretty Why should your girlfriend care about your comments made about a woman that she doesn't know, especially if its something that you do all the time? If you value your relationship then you will stop telling her about all the pretty girls you like seeing.

Don't worry about it As women, we tend to worry. Yes even Essex escorts do it at times, so don't tell us not to! Understand how she feels about the situation instead of dismissing her feelings.

You know that I love you I'm here aren't I? She knows that you are there and maybe you always will be, but a woman's security in her relationship lies with the man telling her that he loves her. Nothing says that better than his own words.