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Slough, lying just to the West of London, is one of the largest towns lying in the immediate area around the capital. Lying in the county of Berkshire, its a historic town, the most ethnically diverse in the UK and home to the not-so-glamorous claim of being home to the largest industrial estate in Europe.

Lying near Heathrow, Slough is a convenient location for conferences and business events for travellers who have just arrived in London, but also provides convenient and easy access to the City if needs be. It is, in fact, the combination of these factors; being close to London, having space for industry; and convenience to the international community via Heathrow, that make Slough the successful town it is today.

It was historically a stop-off point for people travelling into and out of London along the Great West Road (now the A4; the road running from the City of London all the way to Bristol) as well as a stop on the Great Western Main Line, the train line running from Paddington to the West of England and South Wales (designed by the famous engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel).

But what of modern Slough? What brings people to Slough nowadays, and what is there to do if you find yourself in Slough for any amount of time? Well, Slough isn't known as a particularly attractive resort for tourism. As mentioned above, the town is better known for its industry than holidaymakers, but, should you find yourself there, don't despair. A well-kept secret are the Slough escorts who call it home. If you're feeling lonely and want some company, call the escorts in Slough, whether it be for a night out in the city, or perhaps in Slough town centre itself, or maybe it might just be a quiet night in. When you're with one of the Slough escorts your evenings will never seem lonely.

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