Boost Your Willpower


Was there ever a time in your life when you felt like life was just drying you up? How about the time when you felt weak from the inside, you could barely translate it into any physical activity? Or that time when your mind and body wasn't exactly in its best shape?

If you recall any of these instances, then it might be time for you to toughen up and boost your willpower. But the question remains, "How does one boost willpower?"

Unlike Hal Jordan aka The Green Lantern, we don't have green lamps to give us the energy to do what our mind wishes us to do. In fact, our willpower is more taxed than ever. With distractions left and right, a click of the mouse, a touch of the button, a night out with friends, or an intimate encounter with a London escort, there are many things that keep us preoccupied but never really occupied.

And in line with the recent discovery on men and willpower, here are some of the ways by which you can improve your lack of self-control to become your own "Green Lantern", the beacon of willpower.

Start with Baby Steps- We know this isn't something men like to do, but it has been proven over and over again, making abrupt resolutions for yourself won't yield many results. But if you do it step by step, the way it is intended to be, then you might just find yourself achieving your goals even before you thought you could.

Eat Real Food- when you're using your brain, it feeds off the food you eat. Now if you eat junk food or processed food most of the time, then we have a problem. Research shows that you are more productive if you eat fresh food for all your meals. Not only do you keep your body healthy but you keep your mind fresh as well.

Dark Chocolate- if all else fails and food still doesn't give you enough energy to continue, eat dark chocolate, nothing like a surge of glucose in your bloodstream to keep you up and running.

Stay Away from Temptation- by this we mean, keep junk food or any unhealthy food out of sight, even beer. If you're a man with great self-control, you will know that exercise comes first. Nothing else, unless you have a family.

Keep Your To-Dos Doable- one of the things that men are not supposed to do is overreach. We know how tempting it is to over-promise and outdo yourself with every project, but this doesn't mean that it should cost you your health.

Go Easy on yourself- at the end of the day it's your work. Your mind, your ideas. If you can convince yourself that you're satisfied with them, then everyone else will think the same way. Don't think too much and don't be too hard on yourself. You're just a normal man, not god.