Causes of bad breathe


Having bad breath and not knowing can be very embarrassing especially when you are wondering why people won’t have long conversations with you. Hardly likely that any one would come straight out to let you know that you have a bad breath problem. The London escort may tell you she has other plans. It is therefore within your best interests for you to maintain proper personal hygiene.

Halitosis, or as you know it bad breath, is a result of poor dental habits or other health problems. Unhealthy habits and the types of food you eat can also end in bad breath.

The foods that you eat when digested are absorbed into your blood and carried to your lungs. This in turn is released in your breath. If you eat food with strong odours such as garlic and onions there is little you can do to get rid of the scent. The only thing to do is to wait until it has passed completely through your body.

Odour- causing bacteria is found in the mouth when you do not floss or brush your teeth daily and food particles are stuck between your teeth as well as on your tongue and gums.

The use of tobacco and cigarettes, causes halitosis as it irritates the gums, stains your teeth and reduces your ability to taste.

Gum disease (periodontal disease) could be connected to a constant bad taste or bad breath in your mouth. This disease is caused by a plaque build up on your teeth as the toxins from the bacteria irritate the gums. This can cause damage to the jawbone and gums if it goes untreated.

Other health causes of bad breath are oral yeast infections, dental caries and dental fittings that have not been adjusted properly. Be sure to see about these before you decide to take out a London escort.

Xerostomia, a medical dry mouth condition, also causes bad breath. This can be caused by medication, constant breathing through the mouth or salivary gland problems.

Tips for reducing halitosis:

Exercise good oral hygiene

Go for regular check ups with your dentist

Stop smoking

Increase your daily intake of water

Keep a check list of the foods you eat so you can detect the cause of your bad breath.

Use antiseptic mouth washes that will kill odour- causing bacteria

By following these simple steps you can reduce the causes of bad breath as well as reduce the risk of embarrassment.