its all in the seasoning


For all you men out there who love to cook, this may very interesting for you to read. Well, maybe not as interesting as a London escort, but interesting none the less. Have you ever taken heed as to why you put certain seasonings into your food or do you just do them because that is what you were taught or because it gives the food a nice aroma as well as a delicious taste? Here are some seasonings that will not only do all of the above, but they will also improve your appearance as well.

Let’s have a look at oregano. This seasoning helps reduce bruising when applied as a cream because it is high in Vitamin K which is a fat-soluble vitamin. When used as a salt substitute, oregano helps with the prevention of water being retained in the body such as in the eyes, which is due to too much sodium in the diet.

Being a part of the Allium family, a family known for its numerous nutritional superstars, the onion stands proud. Onions are generally known as a food to steer clear of because of the pungent odour that they leave behind on your breath after you have eaten them which does not help if you want to kiss a London escort. This seasoning however helps you to live longer. At least you will have the exceptionally good looks to go with your old age despite the bad breath. Onions are filled with healthy flavonoids, sulphur-containing compounds and antioxidants. They also possess anti-bacterial properties for the mouth and gums as they help ward off oral bacteria. Sound weird doesn’t it? That the same thing that gives you bad breath is the same thing that wards off oral bacteria in the mouth. What can I say? You learn something new every day!

The other amazing seasoning that helps with your appearance is garlic. Don’t make that face. It’s true! This is a friend to the onion in terms of it pungent properties but it is a cheap, natural way to treat acne. This effective method of acne treatment saves you money as well as you are less likely to be allergic to the garlic than all those other creams that you need to apply on your face. This is due to its anti-inflammatory properties that help to reduce the inflamed and swollen acne. Not only that, but with garlic you don’t have to remember to use it three times a day. Garlic can be crushed or eaten raw, as these are the best-known methods of spot breakout prevention.

So the next time you are cooking don’t be afraid to add a little extra when it comes to these seasonings as you may be able to impress a London escort with your great appearance.