Penis Facts


You may have come across quite a lot of articles concerning your health as well as fitness, but how many articles have you come across concerning your penis? How much do you know about this precious jewel that is sacred to you? You are never too old to learn something new. Am I right, especially when it comes to your manhood? So lets have a look at some of the things you may not know about that little team player that makes such a big impact in your life and on the Windsor escorts

Lets start with the smokers. For all those men who love to light up, you are actually making your penis less effective with your bad habit. You think that's bad? What about if you already have a small penis? You are only doing more damage not only to your physical self but to your ego as well.

For all you men who think you've got it made because your penis is just naturally big, don't think that you out rank a man whose penis looks smaller than yours. During erection he could give you a run for your money because his penis expands as well as lengthens while yours doesn't show much of a difference. Food for thought.

Have you checked your prostate lately or have the Windsor escorts? An increase in your prostate gland increases your chances of having premature ejaculation as well as erectile dysfunction. So even if your ego wants to get the best of you by refusing to take a trip to your medical practitioner, your sex life may suffer.

Being a man you have woken up with a boner as well as wet sheets. Is it because of the dirty dreams you had about the Windsor escort last night? They say that ejaculation has nothing to do with the brain but it is everything to do with the spinal cord.

How many times have you tried to give yourself oral pleasure? If you say never then you are obviously lying. Research show that one in every four hundred men is able to please themselves. Is that a good thing or bad thing? The other three hundred and ninety nine certainly did try their best though.

Penile rupture what is it? Well first to begin this is something that rarely happens, but when it does it the means that the lining of your corpora cavernosa is torn while you are erect. Does it cause excruciating pain? Yes it does. Do you need corrective surgery surgery to fix this? Yes you do. Is it worth it? Well apparently since this is caused due to vigorous masturbation. I guess at times some things are worth the risk.