How Smoking Affects Your Sexual Performance


It’s Friday night and you’re out with your boys at some club, and you’re trying to hit on a girl but you have a cigar in your left hand and a glass of scotch in the other. What do you do? Normally, a sober man would put down his cigar and offer the woman a drink, but because you’ve gotten so accustomed to smoking while drinking and partying, you miss out on your chance on her. And what does that leave you with? Nicotine-infected lungs, unpleasant odour from the cigar smoke and no woman to go home with, even just for a night and just because you weren’t the one smoking it doesn't mean you’re not affected. Once you party in a bar and suck in all the smoke from it, you’re no less likely to be any different than those nicotine-puffing dudes across the bar.

Simply put, smoking, either direct or second-hand smoke can damage your sex life. How?

Two things: sexual performance and sperm health. According to recent studies, exposure to smoke, direct or indirect, can compromise the health of a man’s sperm. This finding is specifically important to men who are frequently having unprotected sex with a lot of women, or even just their girlfriend/wife. It can cause unwanted mutations and abnormalities in the sperm that later on can be carried through the offspring via pregnancy. Also, as we all know, exposing yourself to smoke can even trigger cancer. In fact, according to one of our mainstream clients, he could’ve prevented himself from having lung cancer had he been more cautious during his younger years. Now, he hires London escorts to keep him company, not for intimacy, but for steady companionship, just so he knows there will be someone there in case his cancer decides to take away his life.

The effect of smoking in a man’s sperm may take a few years before it appears but the symptoms are definitely there to be seen. Most men who smoke show a higher sexual anxiety rate than those who don’t, an indication that their sexual health is at risk. Consequently, the effects of smoking on men, like low sperm quality, affect a man’s sexual role and identity. Most men rely heavily on their sperm to justify their manhood, the meaning to their existence, but what if one day, they wake up with the lowest sperm count anyone could ever imagine? Once men find out the effects of smoking on their sperm, automatically, they respond with paranoia, fear and anxiety.

Having said all this, a man should never feel inferior about himself, regardless of the circumstances he’s faced with. So what if you have a low sperm count? That’s easy to manage. Stop smoking. So what if you get tired in bed easily? Quit puffing. And so what if you can’t last any longer than 2 rounds, Stop SMOKING. This may seem simple, but to those whose lives are attached to this little drug called “nicotine”, everything is possible except making them quit.