Are Your Sinuses Infected?


Many people seem to suffer from sinus related problems on an everyday basis and seem to think nothing of it, but how serious is a sinus infection? Is it as serious as your relationship with your St Albans escort?

Sinusitis or sinus infection as most of us know it to be, is when the nasal passages and sinuses become inflamed. Sinus infections tends to be in the form of headaches or even pressure build up in the nose, eyes, cheek area or in one area of the head.

Persons with sinus infections can have a fever, a cough, nasal congestion together with thick nasal secretions or bad breath. There are two forms of acute-sinusitis which are sudden onset and chronic which is long term and is common in most people.

Sinuses which are hollow air-filled sacks are divided into four major parts within the human skull. The frontal sinuses that are found in the forehead, the maxillary sinuses which are found behind the cheek bones, the ethmoid sinuses which are found between the eyes and the sphenoid sinuses that are found behind the eyes. Sinuses are there as a defence against germs but if there is a disruption within the sinuses, more than likely bacteria which are present will find their way into the sinuses which causes a sinus infection.

If left undiagnosed or untreated, complications can occur. These can lead to a severity in medical problems and may even lead to death. If you are experiencing these symptoms you should seek immediate medical attention-

* Fever, headache or swelling of soft tissue that is over the frontal sinus

* Swollen and droopy eyelids with fever as well as severe illness

* Fixed as well as dilated pupils together with swollen droopy eyelids

* Mild personality changes

* Visual problems

* Seizures

* Altered consciousness

If a sinus infection reaches the brain, it may cause the person to slip into a coma and death could follow soon after. This could make your St Albans escort very sad and depressed.

Diagnosis of sinus infections is done through an assessment of the patients medical history as well as a physical examination. Medication together with a few simple rules such as drinking lots of water and keeping hydrated is recommended to reduce the symptoms of sinus infection.

All in all sinus infections can be cleared up once detected early. Persons who have allergies that tend to affect their sinuses tend to have recurrent acute sinusitis attacks which may develop into chronic sinusitis.