College Sex - Ridiculous Sex Mistakes


Back in college, no one else knew about sex, until one night you slipped out of the boys dormitory and managed your way through into a bar filled with Barnet escorts From then on, your sex life was never the same. But looking back, while you may be proud of some sexual achievements, there are more regrets than you thought you had and were going to run them all down, from the embarrassing moments you had with your ex-girlfriend, to the mishaps you've had and some random hook-up you had the night before the morning after!

Do you ever recall that time in college when you and your girlfriend were getting frisky with each other and you forgot to turn the TV off? Women need attention, but they will practically demand all of your focus in bed. So when you're TV is on while you're doing it, chances are, she's lost her appetite for you.

And that time when you and another girl wanted to get it on but couldn't because your room mate was too busy snoring on the top bed, that caused you an awesome night of sex too. Just because you have a place to do it, doesn't mean you can. Most of college life, you have to live with a guy room mate, and if you're lucky, a nice room mate, but for most of us, we had to deal with a snoring, cranky, nerdy room mate who almost always cant get laid on a Friday night. So if you're planning on doing it, better get a room somewhere else.

Also, lets not forget that at one point in your college life, your penis had a nickname. While its been a long-standing social practice for a lot of younger guys, your girlfriend back then probably thought that a penile moniker was the worst kind of joke, ever.

Then there were more sexually disturbing mistakes like asking your girlfriend back then to swallow it. When that time comes and you cant control it, don't make that decision for her, she either spits it or swallows it, and you just have to shoot it.

And when you felt like verbalising what you wanted her to do to you, it came as a shocker. While its good that you guys talked about sex, talking was probably the last thing you wanted to be doing when you're actually doing it. She probably thought you were having an anxiety attack of ridiculous proportions.

But perhaps the most ridiculous thing you've ever done back in college was to assume that she's not tired. After one round of pleasing you, don't assume that she doesn't want to stay the night and sleep. Chances are if you think that way, you'll never be able to hook up with her again, no matter how awesome you were that night.

And while these are just some of the most ludicrous sexual mishaps that a young man encounters, its not safe to assume that older men don't get through this too. Remember, a man is only considered a man when he starts treating a woman like one.