How Men Drive Women Crazy


As a man, you may or may not know how your behaviour affects your partner, whether it is your girlfriend or your Slough escort. At times you are able to make them happy, but other times all they want to do is pull out their hair and scream at the top of their lungs. This cant be good in most cases, so here are a few ways in which you may drive them crazy. Take note so you can learn how to adjust these behaviours.

Men don't listen. When you ask any woman what is it that annoys you the most about your man, this is their reply. At times you may think that your Slough escort nags you too much but guess what? If you do what she asks you to do right away, she would not have to nag now would she? If men were to listen more, their partners would be much happier.

Men don't talk. As much as women are talented they are not mind readers. Your wife cant know what is going on with you if you don't speak to her. Without using your ability to speak to promote a deeper connection in your relationship, your silence could be misinterpreted.

Men don't pay attention. This is another way in which to drive your woman crazy. A woman could walk in front of her husband a thousand times with a new hair style or a new dress and he just would not notice. Remember at the beginning of the relationship when you noticed everything about her? Where did that go? If you don't pay attention to her, some other man will. Think about it!!

Men stare at other women. Men have this thing where they feel they could window shop but not buy because they are in committed relationship. How often do you window shop? Is it that your woman isn't enough for you? This really annoys women especially when they are there to witness it themselves. How would you feel if your partner ogled other men constantly? All women ask is that you take their feelings into consideration because you are treading on dangerous ground.

Men don't follow instructions. When you are asked to do something and given specific instructions on how to do this and you willingly don't, women are not impressed, especially when it comes to dealing with the children. The annoying part however, is when your wife has to do it herself. This is just wasting time which really, really annoys her.

If you want to have a successful relationship, then there are things that you must be willing to learn and change. Remember, you traded the I for us when you got into the relationship.