Are Older Women More Fun


There is only one possible answer to this question a resounding YES.A recent survey has suggested that forming a relationship with an older woman is far more enjoyable and rewarding for you both sexually and emotionally, than giving in to your lust and wanton desire for a “pretty young thing”. London escorts can provide you with a stupendous girl for an adventure you will not forget.

There are advantages to this type of relationship, the obvious one is that of experience, it is a bit like owning a new puppy; you have to go through many wasted hours of training to achieve your end goal. Whereas a pre trained older version of the puppy will be far better placed to react to your needs and desires instantly. Moreover, an older companion will be better placed to fulfil your sexual and emotional desires from the relationship based on previously gained wealth of experience without the need for all of that training.

Younger companions are more demanding from a material point of view, in many cases there is a catch with hooking a young partner and more often a price to pay for being in the relationship. A more mature partner is not driven by materialism and more often than not is in the relationship for sexual enlightenment and the stigma of having a “Young Buck” to entertain.

An older partner may not have the stamina of a younger catch, but they will more than make up for this, with a willingness to experiment, move the goal post to where ever you want them moved to push the bounds of the relationship to new levels, all for the sake of pleasuring there soul mate.

Divorced women, who have been staved of a solid and stable relationship, tend to be more willing to deliver on all fronts. But beware you young bucks, the career minded woman is a ruthless beast with only one thing on her mind, and if you find you can not deliver then you will be cast aside for the next catch from the long trawled net they cast out. Minnows and sprats are not welcome; to survive you need to be predator not the prey.

Our advice is to choose carefully do your research, there is no such thing as love at first sight, maybe lust at first sight the rewards are endless the intimacy incredible and the fulfilment unbelievable…….. go on give it a go you have nothing to loose.