Sexual Foods That Will Turn Her On


Intimacy does not always have anything to do with the act of sex. You can try adding a little bit of intimacy by doing something special for the both of you of which your girl would greatly appreciate. How about having a candle lit dinner with foods that are sure to take her breath away, and later on in the evening you could take the rest of her and do as you please. If you were to give that line to a Heathrow escort I'm sure she would be pleased.

You don't even need a table to have dinner. It could be informal and you could throw a nice throw on the floor so that there isn't anything between the both of you while you are eating, and of course light a few candles to help set the mood.

You have your area prepared and you may be wondering what to serve that could improve the intimacy in the atmosphere. Well first to begin, a nice bottle of wine will definitely set the mood for any occasion.

In my humble opinion, the best foods to serve in this instance are finger foods. I am sure a Heathrow escort will agree with me. This way you can feed each other which helps to create an intimate aura. Sharing a meal is known to be one of the most intimate things that you could do with another person, so think of things that you both like to eat that can be used as finger foods, even if it is a favourite sandwich that she enjoys, just make sure to cut it small enough to hold with your fingers not your entire hand. Breadsticks may be a good idea for this as well.

After you have swept her away by feeding her and nibbling her as well, you could bring out the dessert. A big glass of ice cream with two spoons and a dish of grapes or strawberries will end this meal perfectly. I don't know what it is about women and these fruits but it works every time. You could feed each other at the same time whether it is the fruits or the ice cream. Remember to keep her wine glass full.

This little gesture will win you big points in her book. It would be even better if you did not try to have sex with her that night either. Trust me, be a perfect gentleman that night and the next night she would make sure and reward you generously because you were able to restrain yourself the night before.