Can Telling the Truth Hurt Your Relationship?


Do you ever think that when your partner tells you that they want to hear the truth that all they want to know is whether or not they are the cause of your frustration? How many of us really tell the truth? We may tell part of the truth or most of the truth but never all of the truth because we know that it can cause pain, frustration or even unwanted stress to our partners and Heathrow escorts

A lot of people in relationships think that they can handle the truth but when they are told the truth they cannot handle it or should I say they handle it by giving the silent treatment or throwing a tantrum because they don't like what you have said.

If you are one of the people that react this way or even worse, then guess what, your partner will slowly withdraw information from you because they cannot trust you to be honest with your feelings.

It is okay to say to your partner I know that you have something to tell me I may not like what it is and I don't know how I would react but tell me anyway. Is that so hard to do? If you want your partner to be truthful with you, you must be truthful with them as well.

There are times however when telling the truth may cost you your relationship. This comes when you have an affair with someone else or if you are doing illegal business on the side. Everyone makes mistakes but there are some mistakes that really weren't mistakes if you were in your right mind at the time.

There are many times when my partner knows that something is wrong and I am asked what is wrong. I would usually say nothing because there isn't anything positive that would come out of a conversation, especially if its one that we've had on numerous occasions. I just let the feeling pass and keep it to myself so that I wont take it out on my partner.

Sometimes you just have to let some things ride in a relationship in order to keep the peace. Is this wrong? Maybe, but if you can avoid an unwanted heated discussion then by all means please do since arguing can ruin a relationship as well.

For everything there is a time and a place and sometimes you just have to learn to deal with situations alone even though they may be caused by your partner, or a Heathrow escort. As long as its not detrimental to your health or life then you are good to go.