The Dos and Donts of Body Hair Grooming01 Sep 2017

We may well be aware of our own grooming habits but that doesn't mean that we’re doing the right thing.

A Mans Crowning Glory - What Your Hair Says about Y ou18 Apr 2016

They say hair is a woman’s crowning glory, but not a man’s, and that’s where they’re wrong.

Dress like a Real Man 10 Dec 2011

It is definitely a good thing that the male species of today has finally decided to clear their closets of baggy and grimey clothes and, really dress the hell up. In fact, most of us guys have traded our Sports Illustrated and other manly magazines for fashion-savvy ones like GQ and Esquire. That's definitely cool. But, while we have been paying attention to what's hot in terms of the best looks for this season, there are still some pieces that should be avoided by any and all respectable alpha males.

What Your Brands say about You 28 Aug 2011

The saying The clothes make a man is not necessarily true. While the clothes generally tell you what a man's personality is like, the clothing brands will tell you exactly what kind of life he leads. Although generalising a man isn't exactly what a woman should do, most St Albans escorts pick their clients depending on the brand of clothes they wear.

Looking Your Best When Meeting a Young Escort14 Jul 2011

It is very difficult today to keep abreast of fashion, there is always something new out there in the market place, something that catches your eye and lures you into its spell. A chic little number which you know will make you feel like a million dollars. But where do you stop, or are you a fashion guru, with the attitude that it is more important to look and feel good than wear yesterdays fashions?

Looking Good and Feeling Good09 Jul 2011

There is a lot to be said about the way you look, and how it affects your success with the opposite sex. If you feel good about yourself, it boosts your confidence and a confident male is a happy one. You find that you are more inclined to socialise and obviously the more you get out and about, the greater the chance of finding a companion, short or long term.

What Makes You Men Style Guru’s05 Jul 2011

OK, so what is that makes the male of the species stylish, an Icon a Guru? There are many theories and indeed answers to that particular question. There is the thought that having the ability to spend thousands of pounds on a three-piece suit, and matching accessories, goes a long way toward this enviable title. Another train of thought is the fact that most stylish males have a very finely honed eye for complementary accessorising, thus enabling them to portray the complete package.

Sophisticated London Escorts Step Out in Style23 May 2011

Today, you need a little style and sophistication in your life to compete with the Jones’s. The demands of our modern world dictate that the one thing that makes you even more successful is a glamorous, beautiful and more importantly charming debonair lady by your side. Good news, our London escorts fit the bill. They can accompany you to any occasion making an immediate impact on your friends and colleagues, leaving you the star of the show.

Tips for Men in Taking Care of Their Clothes15 May 2011

Now that men are on a par with women when it comes to fashion, it is high time that they learn how to adapt to today’s fashion trends. Women are known to have large collections of clothes and girlie stuff like bags, shoes and much more. Shopping is a sacred tradition for women, they have this natural way of dressing well and staying on top of the latest trends.