A Mans Crowning Glory - What Your Hair Says about Y ou


They say hair is a woman’s crowning glory, but not a man’s, and that’s where they’re wrong. A man’s hair says as much about him as his clothes. Men are just as vain (if not more) as woman when it comes to hair. We can spend as much as an hour trying to fixate on our hair, so there’s no reason for you to think that we don’t spend time on ourselves, let alone our hair.

Since hair says so much about a man, it’s best to know what your hairstyle right now is telling everyone else.

One of the more familiar hairstyles right now is the Bieber Hair, or the mop top. You look like you’re 12 years old, only that you’re not. You’re adorable only because your hair looks like Justin Bieber’s but apart from that, no one wants to take you seriously. In fact, your supervisor thinks it is okay for you to go out and meet clients with that hair, at least there’s something to distract them other than the pile of papers they have to sign. Overall, you want to be taken seriously but your hair says otherwise.

Then there’s the guy who looks like he just got out of bed- the bed head look. We spend hours trying to make ourselves look like we just got out of bed with a hot chick, but in reality, you’re the well-educated guy with the master’s degree and a great sense of humour to boot, but you prefer to hide it because you think that showing off is merely cocky.

Now when you’re someone in the higher ranks, a bald patch may most likely appear on your head, and this tells a lot about how you got your Benz or your Corvette. You’ve been working your ass (and your hair) off to get to where you are, and the funny thing is, you’re still messing with it as if you had hair.

But if you’re the kind of guy who loves partying and socialising with friends and some London escorts, then you’re probably sporting an Afro style. Most men with this kind of hair try to make a fool of themselves at parties to make the most obvious flaw they have (the hair) disappear, and it’s working to your advantage. Women find you sexy and men consider you good company. What more can your hair ask for?

Now the most controversial hairstyle of all is the “Jesus” hairstyle; the long, wavy, dirty locks that scream, “I don’t have a real job and I like it”. No, You shouldn’t like it because no one does. Unless you’re auditioning for a role in Jesus Christ Superstar or Lord of the Rings, you should never sport this hair. Not even Jesus can help you if your girl decides to leave you.