Romford Escort

Romping in Romford18 Dec 2012

This large Suburban town in Essex is approximately fourteen miles from the centre of London. It was historically a market town but developed in 1839 thanks to good road links into London and the opening of a railway station. It's now a busy town and forms one of the largest retail, leisure and entertainment districts outside of the capital.

Advantages of having an Escort Rather than a Girlfriend04 May 2012

You are at the peak of your career, and you don't have the time to spend on yourself, let alone a girlfriend. Things that other people take for granted, such as watching a movie or going for lunch are luxuries that you just don't have time for due to on-going work projects which require you to work long days.

Be Her Dream Guy: Making Relationships Last 15 Jan 2012

Most women are after either the man of their dreams, their knight in shining armour, or a handsome prince - a fairytale come true! Sadly, and truth be told, most guys don't fit into that archetype.

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