Romford Escort

Romping in Romford18 Dec 2012

This large Suburban town in Essex is approximately fourteen miles from the centre of London. It was historically a market town but developed in 1839 thanks to good road links into London and the opening of a railway station. It's now a busy town and forms one of the largest retail, leisure and entertainment districts outside of the capital.

Advantages of having an Escort Rather than a Girlfriend04 May 2012

You are at the peak of your career, and you don't have the time to spend on yourself, let alone a girlfriend. Things that other people take for granted, such as watching a movie or going for lunch are luxuries that you just don't have time for due to on-going work projects which require you to work long days.

Be Her Dream Guy: Making Relationships Last 15 Jan 2012

Most women are after either the man of their dreams, their knight in shining armour, or a handsome prince - a fairytale come true! Sadly, and truth be told, most guys don't fit into that archetype.

Signs and Symptoms of a Migraine 18 Aug 2011

If you have ever had a migraine it may have been one of the worst experiences of your life. You feel as though you want to die, literally. It is such an unbearable feeling that you just want to curl up under the covers with the light off away from the world.