After Care of a Blow Up Doll


You've just had a wild time with your blow up doll, you're spread out on your bed, sweaty and exhausted from a wild explosion and the last thing on your mind is post-use care of your doll. Not only is it the last thing on your mind, but that last thing that you want to do is to get up and clean, however, you know that it is absolutely imperative that you follow these instructions after a good time with your blow up doll, to keep your babe inflated for many more good times to come.

Firstly, if you made a mess, clean up the mess. This seems quite obvious, right? If you let any mess dry on your blow up doll, it can cause tears during storage, or while you're getting your doll ready for another good time. Take a wet, warm cloth with some gentle soap and clean your babe. Not only will this ensure quality, but it's hygienic as well.

Once you have your blow up doll all cleaned up, and dry, it's time to deflate her. Sure, this may sound like a bit of a hassle to do every single time especially if you have frequent fun with it, but it is worth it. Deflating your doll post-use will increase and maintain it's quality and longevity. Once deflated, carefully fold your doll up and place it back in a box or sealed plastic bag.

It is important to always store your doll in a cool place. Remember that your doll is plastic (sometimes rubber) and if placed in heat over 65 degrees, it can, and most likely will pop and/or melt. Find a storage place that will keep your babe cool until you're ready to get hot again.

Of course this goes without saying, but it's being said anyway. Keep your blow up doll away from sharp or heavy objects. Even if it's deflated and in a box somewhere, placing something heavy on it or throwing it on your floor may cause it to burst.

The last thing that you want is to be excited and have fun with your doll, only to find out that it has been damaged due to lack of care post-use. Avoid any "I told you so" moments! They're never good.

At the end of the day, keeping your doll with the holes you purchased it with is the goal. These post-use care instructions may not be ideal, but they are simple and important steps to follow in order to maintain the doll's quality and long-lasting fun for you.