Alternatives To Tying Down


There are a million reasons as to why someone may not enjoy being tied down. This doesn't necessarily mean that they don't enjoy being dominated or restrained and no one should ever settle when it comes to their sexual satisfaction, so there are some alternatives to being tied down, but not literally?

Sounds confusing, I know. What makes being tied down so intriguing is the resistance. Often, the person that gets tied is the submissive role player, and the enjoyment is from the lack of control that they have, and the tons of control and options that it gives to their partner. But as mentioned, a lot of people don't like the idea of actually being tied down, but more so like the Fantasy. Of course, they like to be dominated and controlled, but the thought of actually being tied down and not able to move can really terrify some people. Thankfully, there are alternatives for those of you that can't handle being physically tied down, but that allow you to still feel that dominating effect and also give you that sense of control of the situation, if need be.

The simplest way to continue to be restrained and dominated, without being physically tied down is with someone's hands. If your partner is on top, they have the power to hold down your arms and hands and keep them there. If you want to move, depending on the strength of the dominating partner, you cannot. However, if you really wanted to move, you aren't physically tied to a bed post, or any sort of object that you can't get out of without someone's help. This alternative will give you that peace of mind that you have that control of the situation if you need to but also allow you to have the lack of control that you desire. You can also be held down by other limbs, such as legs, so be sure to experiment with all options.

However, if this idea still freaks you out there, you can start with very simple restraints on yourself. For example, put your hands under the pillow, or hold onto the bed posts and don't let your hands free for as long as you can! This will give you full control, but will also allow you to enjoy being without the control.

Once you and your partner indulge in this submissive fun more and more, you will grow in confidence and trust. Take small steps and slowly upgrade your level of restraint and then eventually you won't even think twice when your dominating partner ties your hands and feet to the bed posts. Doesn't that sound fun!

Remember, no one should ever settle when it comes to their sexual satisfaction! Have fun, indulge and try new things!