Aphrodisiac Aromatherapy


Aromatherapy is known for being beneficial to human beings. There are aromas that can enhance your performance, as well as set the mood for a romantic evening. There are aromas to relieve stress and increase sexual desire, so it is no surprise that aromatherapy may be the key to getting you more bedroom action with your partner. If you are single, then these aromas can also be used to naturally attract the opposite sex through pheromones. Here are the aphrodisiac aromas that you should try as well as some of the foods that you can eat to bring that sexy woman from across the bar home with you!

Now you may be asking, what in the world aromatherapy is. And how does it work? And it's quite simple. Aromatherapy takes advantage of one of the strongest senses on a human that is often overlooked - their sense of smell.A person's sense of smell can trigger certain emotions, moods and memories and aromatherapy plays on that, bringing back positive feelings by triggering your senses with specific aromas. However, some aroma's you can't necessarily smell as they are natural pheromones that are produced in the sweat glands attached to hair follicles. Surely that doesn't sound as appealing as you would think, but the benefits can be amazing as the pheromones are released into the air.

Aphrodisiac aromas that attract men, include cinnamon, popcorn, pumpkin pie and doughnuts, and aphrodisiac aromas to attract women, are melon, chocolate, oranges and bread. Eat up and smell these foods to help produce more pheromones to increase your sexual desire and attraction. Who knew that things that everyone has in their kitchen could have such amazing benefits aside from their nutritional values?

There are also specific scents for both men and women that trigger an increase in pheromones. To attract a man through aphrodisiac aromas, vanilla, lavender and jasmine work wonders. Women tend to drift towards smells such as musk, orange blossom and sandalwood. You can get perfumes that have these specific aromas and have the opposite sex all over you!

Aside from perfumes and scents, these aromas also come in the form of room sprays and candles. Intrigue the opposite sex with a specific aroma, and once they are at home with you, woo them with yet another aroma, only this time it being in the form of candles and room sprays.

Who knew your sense of smell could be such a powerful thing? Take advantage of these aphrodisiac aromas and get ready for a good time!