How to be More Chivalrous?


Chivalry is simply the act of being courteous and dates back to medieval times. It's a combination of admirable qualities such as courage, honour, justice and an eagerness to help those who are "weak" or in today's terms, in need.

So how comes being chivalrous is dying out? Who knows, but it definitely is. There are very few men that practice chivalry nowadays, but if you're one of them then you'll definitely attract a woman's attention. If you're heading out on a date soon and are trying to brush up on being chivalrous, then try these tips and you'll definitely be a winner.

Hold the door open for her. Be it a restaurant door, or the passenger car door, whatever it is, if it's a door and your date is going through it, then hold it open.

When walking on the pavement, always walk on the side closest to the road. This allows the woman to feel protected and taken care of.

If she's cold, give her your jacket. Sure, you might be freezing, but it's just something that you should do, and after this article, you will do - right?

If the weather is bad outside, offer to go and get the car as she waits dry indoors for you.

Pick her up. Don't make your date drive to you, and then to the date. Take the initiative. There are some things a man should just do, and this is one of them.

Always introduce her, even if she's not your girlfriend and even if the person you've run into is just an acquaintance. This is simple respect.

Always pay on the date. It is common nowadays for a woman to offer to pay for half the date, so it's up to you to not allow her to.

If at the end of the date you're dropping her off, then get out of the car and walk her to the door. It will also give you the perfect opportunity to move in for a kiss!

Chivalry is about being the man who provides safety, comfort, love and the utmost respect for his woman and other women around him. It's the simple act of putting others before yourself.

Chivalry should be practised every day not just on dates, so be sure to brush up on yours and incorporate a little bit of it into your everyday life.