Foreplay and the Escorts


Men don't usually think of foreplay when they think about sex. Their goal is to get in, reach climax, and get out satisfied. For women it's different. They want foreplay, they crave it, especially the escorts in London.

Asian escorts are hired because men find them attractive and they would like to enjoy their company. While this may be the case if you really want to have a great experience with any woman, when it comes to sex you should be willing to satisfy her needs as well. The sooner you realize this, is the sooner you will start not only having great sex but actually enjoying it.

Sex with the escorts in London should be about trying to finish in the allotted time that you have with time to spare. If you have something special planned, give yourself enough time so that you won't feel hustled when you are with the Asian escorts. Hire her for an extra hour just to make sure that you get to spend quality time with her in and out of the bedroom.

Here is a list of things that you can do with the escorts in London when it comes to foreplay

Entice her lust lines - These imaginary lines are from the ear to the neck. You can use your finger to gently outline this area where you will definitely get a reaction from her.

Trace her ears either with your tongue or your finger tips

Play adult board games - spin the bottle, strip poker, adult monopoly,

Feed each other finger foods

Give each other sensual messages using body oils

Kiss her neck and other sensitive areas

So there are lots of ways that you can get started without penetration. This foreplay will lead to explosive orgasms and great sex.