Fun Foods To Try in Bed


Everyone has seen a sweaty, sexy love scene in a movie where the girl spreads delicious foods like strawberries and chocolate sauce all over her body, and who wouldn't want to indulge in such a tasty treat, right? However, this article is strictly about the foods that are often overlooked when using them in the bedroom. Are you ready for a delicious time with these fun foods?

Breath mints: Who knew breath mints could be such an amazing accessory in the bedroom? This tasty treat is perfect for oral sex as it provides a tingly, cool sensation.

Champagne: Although expensive, this is one way to get the most out of your money with Champagne. Pouring the sweet bubbles over you and your partner and then licking every last drip up, is a new fun way to enjoy your favourite beverage.

Fruit: Juicy fruits that squirt all over will make her squirt as you lick them all up off of her. Enough said.

Ice lollies: Do not insert. Simply use the ice lolly to trace around the naughty parts and follow the trail with your tongue. Yum!

Veggies: Who enjoys veggies? Everyone that uses them as a sex toy sure does. Let her naughty parts do the eating. Cucumbers and carrots work best!

These five foods are amazing alternatives to the movie-cliched food fantasies. Tasty, delicious and fun and can be used all on your body as well as hers.