How to Give Your Girl That Schoolgirl Look


The schoolgirl look is not often a frequent thing in a lot of adult films, but is a very common fantasy that a lot of men have. Achieving this look doesn't mean that women have to go out and buy an expensive "schoolgirl outfit", as a lot of the items can be found around the home, and styling can be done with everyday products! Now, you may be a man reading this post and you are looking to use this outfit for your date to wear when you have some alone time together, so this article is just for you! However, whether you are male or female, these tips will allow you to create the perfect home-made schoolgirl outfit.

First, you have to get the look done perfectly and you have your fantasy of a school girl image in your head. The style of her hair and make up is important, but not nearly as important as the outfit, which is why this is where you are going to want to start. The school girl outfit often has a white collared, button up blouse, however, any button up blouse or shirt will work just fine whether it's black, plaid or bright pink! As long as it is a collared shirt, and it buttons up - it'll work. Using a man's button-up shirt will make it easier to tie, if you want to tie the shirt up to show some stomach, and leave the top buttons undone to show off some cleavage.

As for the skirt, plaid is typical, however not a frequent in the fashion trends as of late. But any short skirt will work. If it is a high-waisted skirt, it can still be worn with the buttoned up shirt, but not tied up because that would look ridiculous,instead, have the shirt tucked into the high-waisted skirt, but be sure to leave those buttons undone for cleavage.

Knee-High socks will pull the whole entire outfit together. Get the knee-high socks in the same colour as the shirt, and the outfit is perfect! Pair with cute, innocent and simple shoes.

Ask your lady to wear her hair in the way you imagined your school-girl to be. Maybe its pig tails, maybe it's a bun. Her hair may be curly, or straight. You decide! After all, this is your fantasy!

Have your items ready for your date so you can get your lady in her school girl outfit and end this date with a bang. Pun intended!