Great sex positions and the escorts


When it comes to sex the black escorts are quite the professionals. There is no need however to feel inadequate because of this. You can still be the sizzling lover that she will always remember, and look forward to seeing when you book her.

There are some sex positions that work quite well despite their over usage in sex because they actually work and they touch those spots that help the escorts to reach their orgasms. There is nothing wrong however with enhancing these positions so that you can increase your sexual pleasure as well as that of the black escorts.

Sex positions that you can enhance

Doggy style

Many women including black escorts love sex doggy style. The reason for this is that it hits their G-spot just right which maximises their pleasure. To improve this sex position ensure that the escort is lying flat on her tummy. Lift her hips to meet your groin and ensure that her breasts stay on the bed. With that done, all you have to do is thrust as this is a sure fire G spot position. Whilst they say that all women enjoy clit action, some of them get better sexual pleasure via their G-spot.

Split the whisker

This position sounds kind of sexy doesn't it? This is a very simple yet effect sex position and it is quite intimate which makes it perfect to do with the black escorts. So here is what you do. Get the escort to lie on her back. Facing the escort, pull one of her legs on top of your shoulder. Make sure that she keeps her shoulders on the bed. You can lift her hips to meet you or you can crouch to meet her position, just experiment and try which ever position you feel most comfortable with.

With this sexual position you have full access to another one of the most stimulating spots on a woman, her clit. You can stimulate the clit of the black escorts with the head of your member or with your hands.

The escorts as well have the opportunity to stimulate themselves whilst you handle the bigger stuff. Most men enjoy it when women can stimulate themselves, but don't enjoy the show too much. Keep the rhythm going because once that is broken you are going to have to start all over again with the escorts which can be very frustrating.

The mount

This sex position can be a bit tricky. You will not need a bed for this position but an armchair. Let the black escorts sit on the top part of the chair. Don't try to use a normal kitchen chair for this because it will probably not hold the weight. So, standing behind the chair facing the escort, place her on top the chair.

Make sure that you as well as the black escorts are steady before you begin penetration. She can hold on to you for support and you can do the same with her. She can wrap her legs around your waist or you can place her legs over your shoulders.

It does not matter which position you choose with the black escorts as long as the both of you are having fun as well as are comfortable enough to do the positions. You can also find ways to adjust other positions so that they will bring a little more life into the bedroom.

Remember, you should always have fun in the bedroom, so enjoy the new positions as well as the escorts.