Health Benefits of Swallowing Semen


Now, you're more than likely not thinking about or even caring whether your semen is safe or not for your partner to swallow, but with the following facts, you'll be able to convince your girl to take it all because of all the health benefits. She may complain that it's not good, but you can shoot back (apologies for the pun) with, "But it's good for you".

Okay, maybe that's a little bit on the wishful thinking side, but if your girl swallows your semen, it definitely won't hurt her and will have benefits as long as she consuming semen on a regular basis. Tell her that way and you may be getting yourself a blow job or two a day. Sounds amazing, doesn't it?

The first benefit is protein. You've heard it tons of times before, and yes, it is true! Recent studies have shown that semen is highly concentrated with hormones that retain proteins and is said to even be more efficient than a protein prescription, so if your girlfriend feels like she's lacking this in her diet, then get her swallowing.

Now, if that doesn't convince her, then this next one surely will. Swallowing semen will decrease your girl's risk of ovarian cancer, oh, and that's not the only thing that is decreases. When semen is taken orally, it is also said to lower depression as well as reduce acne symptoms and in some cases, stop acne entirely. If there's anything women love, it's to look good and feel great so this benefit might be the winning one that gets you a blow job a day at least!

These potent hormones are also said to have a balancing effect on a woman's mood swings whilst on their period, pregnant or breastfeeding. Anything that will take away from the mystery of those three things will definitely have your girl open to swallowing. Again, pun unintended!

Now that you know the benefits of swallowing semen, you can educate your girl to encourage her to open wide and swallow! The trick is to have her willing to consume it regularly. Once or twice will have very little benefit, whilst consuming semen four to five times (or more) a week will have your girl feeling and looking better than she ever has before.

It's up to you to do whatever it is that you need to do to get your partner to swallow four to five times a week. After all, the hard work will pay off, not only for her, but for you too. A blow job a day doesn't sound bad at all, now does it? If you find yourself lacking in creativity from the increased oral action, then experiment with different oral sex positions to change around the mood and the feeling!