ipad Apps for Your Sex Life


It seems that everyone has an ipad or at least some sort of technology to play around with. You use it for your alarm clock, your calendar, games and documents but why don't you use it to really benefit your sex life? Sounds crazy that you didn't think of this before, doesn't it? Here are the top apps that you should try on your iPad that will help you up your game, get you girls and boost your sex life. Can you really complain?

MEET MOI is an app that sends you notifications whenever a female that has the app has similarities to you. It's like your own personal date-finder. Oh, but that's not it. This fabulous and free app also gives you dating tips, such as ice breakers for when that cute sexy babe pops up on your screen wanting to chat. Perfect, right?

GATEGURU is a pretty amazing app and one of the most popular for this genre. If you're a man that travels a lot and spends way too much time in an airport, it's time for you to make good use of that stopover! This app tells you where to hang out in airports to meet ladies as well as where to take them within the airport. Maybe your airport date will turn out great and you'll both be joining the mile high club! Well, if you're on the same flightbut hey! I'm sure this app will be able to tell you where in the airport is the most discreet place for a quick romp, too!

DATE ESCAPE is the complete opposite from the two prior apps mentioned above. Instead, it's an app that is going to rescue you from that awful date. You know, when you're sitting there, and then suddenly your date says something that screams stalker! And you just wish someone would call saying your grandma just died? Okay, that sounds awful, but you know that it has totally happened to you before. Now, not only does your grandma not have to die, but you can get an escape route right from your phone! It will call or text you a way out of that date whenever you need it!

ART OF CHARM isn't as cheesy as it sounds. It's the ultimate app that you need to have a great night out. It has easy access to podcasts and tips and tricks when approaching and talking to women. It also provides tips for other dating scenarios, such as if you're online. You get videos, blogs and all the knowledge you could ever need. All those questions that you ask yourself prior, during and after a date will be answered with this charming little app. How amazing is that?